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Crisis and decentralisation

From the onset of the financial and economic crisis, national governments across Europe have adopted measures to curb its effects. Reduced budgetary income in contrast with aggravated expenses due to citizen’s demands for specific public services, have led to significant constraints in local and regional finances. The consolidation of public budgets has frequently resulted in recentralisation and loss of competencies for local and regional authorities.

CEMR has been following the impact of the financial and economic crisis and the resulting consequences on local and regional authorities. Moreover, it has committed to defend local self-government and a full financial capacity of European local and regional authorities.  Several studies and publications were published throughout 2009–2013 in cooperation with a wide array of relevant partners and stakeholders, such as the Council of Europe.  

Observatory on crisis and decentralisation

The Observatory is a thematic network of experts helping CEMR to monitor and evaluate the impact of the financial crisis and its consequences on local and regional authorities.

Our objectives :

  • To produce relevant studies evaluating the impact of the crisis on local and regional authorities;
  • To debate, develop and promote shared positions with the view to influence European as well as national policies and legislation;
  • To exchange information, knowledge and good practices in the thematic area.

CEMR Coordinator : Boris Tonhauser

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