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European Union enlargement


The harmonisation of national legal systems with that of the EU, and negotiations of the terms of accession include several thematic areas of concern to local and regional governments, who must also undergo comprehensive reforms and preparation for EU membership.

CEMR’s objective is to explore the role of local and regional authorities in the negotiation process and in the preparation for membership. It aims to recognise the determinant role of local and regional authorities in carrying out the enlargement process. Finally, it promotes cooperation with partner authorities in new EU Member countries. 

Thematic platform on the European Union enlargement

In order to best assist local and regional authorities in EU candidate countries, the CEMR has created a platform that coordinates its activities with other partners, such as the Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South-East Europe (NALAS) and the Committee of the Regions.
Our objectives:

  • To identify common issues related to EU-membership candidacy and preparation for the membership;
  • To exchange experience and to manage the impact of the European Union enlargement upon local and regional authorities;
  • To debate, develop and promote shared positions with the view to influence European policies and legislation;

Coordinator : [Aleksandra Milić] -  [Standing conference of Towns and Municipalities, Serbia]
CEMR coordinator : Boris Tonhauser

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